View Full Version : domain information summary email/print

23rd January 2010, 17:24
add option where one could view/email/print summary of selected(check box)
clients and/or domains and selected options or individual variables for each client/domain
That would include all the information like user names and passwords for ftp,ssh,mail,...

also configurations of email,dns records.....
mailbox receives....
mailbox forwarded to and catch all.....

This way there is central place where client can view and further distribute to domain/website owner crucial information
about the account/domain to they owners/masters.

options of how detailed this report will be would be selected by check boxes of different options and configurations.

One central place with all variable settings for end user view/email/print.

Thank you,This will cut on overhead of providing the info to end users/admins

17th March 2010, 01:08
I apply to that. IT is veryyyy needed option.