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25th August 2005, 21:36
Hello, Ill try to make the minor issue clear, let me know if I fail :)

in ISPConfig I creae a new mail user

for "Real Name: " I put "James Noble"
for Username: I put "james"

when I log into webmail (which rocks BTW) realname appears to be equal to:
Username: from ISPConfig I.E. "web07_james"

is there an easy way to make it equal "real name" instead?

also the default replyto address in webmail is the full email, can we trim the from {web[ID]_} from that? so that users dont get confused?

Thanks for the answers :)


25th August 2005, 21:46
There's a settings page in webmail where you can change the default settings. :)

25th August 2005, 22:33
Hello, I am going to be adding over 1500 users to ths system, I did not want to have to re edit all of them, when the data is there already. Ill see what I can find in the scripts

BTW, anyone have a batch domain/user create script yet? if not Ill see what I can do.