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11th August 2009, 21:46
Hi all,

I'm a french user of ISPCP 3 and i have successfully integrated Postgrey with Postfix.
For me, the utility of Postgrey is to reduce ressource load of amavis when filtering spam.
I have a small server which received a lot of mail, and amavis make a high load on cpu, 70% constant with the spam filtering.
With Postgrey, i have reduced the load of cpu to 30% constant.
The conf was easy, just three config files, and if possible to integrate with ISPCP is to enable or disable postgrey per mail domain and per user, and perhaps give the user the ability to write blacklist and whitelist of sender.

I can confirm that Postgrey works like a charm with ISPCP

See you soon !!! :)


13th August 2009, 10:51
General question, do you use blacklisting at all? As it looks like you are using greylisting to prevent some mails beeing "dropped" by your server to avoid spam mails to be scanned by clamav and thus reducing the overall load.
Nevertheless, after using greylisting for 3 years, from my point of view it is kind of outdated as it reduces the overall spam at a maximum of 10%.
More helpfull for reducing spam for me was balcklisting and denying emails from dynamic hosts based on the reverse dns name (eventhough most of them are covered by the blacklists as well).

12th March 2010, 03:17
I want to implement this too, since I am using ISPConfig Version: 3.0.2 is this implemented already? I see there is a mysql table named mail_greylist

3rd April 2010, 19:22
sqlgrey will be a better solution in a multi-server installation.
sqlgrey use a mysql database to store database vs postgrey that use a berkley database.

22nd April 2010, 10:57
I would suggest using policydv2 . I use it on a quite large smtp setups ( somewhere around 700-800 msgs/min ) and it does it job extremely well, not ot mention the functionality :)