View Full Version : Installation requirement help for ispconfig tool

25th August 2005, 15:43

I am new to ispconfig tool.I want to implement this in my company

The requirements are as follows

Operating System: Linux (Kernel 2.4 or later with glibc6) (the following distributions are supported: Mandrake Linux starting from version 8.1, Red Hat Linux starting from version 7.3, Fedora Core 1 - 4, SuSE Linux starting from version 7.2 and Debian starting from version 3.0 )

Apache Webserver version 1.3.12 or later / 2.0.40 or later

Sendmail or Postfix


Quota Package

ProFTP as standalone version or vsftpd as inetd/xinetd/standalone version

Php 4.0.5 or newer as Apache module

MySQL data base

a POP3/IMAP daemon that supports either the traditional Unix-Mailbox format (e.g. gnu-pop3d, qpopper, ipop3d, popa3d or vm-pop3d) or the Maildir format (e.g. Courier-Imap)

OpenSSL and mod_ssl for the creation of SSL virtual hosts


iptables or ipchains

We have already running DNS server and mail serverin some other machines so i need to install these again or not required and how to proceed


25th August 2005, 15:59
You can use other DNS servers and mail servers, but the DNS and mail packages have to be installed on the ISPConfig machine because otherwise ISPConfig won't install.