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7th July 2009, 20:40
I am migrating to ISPConfig from another control panel I have used for years (vhcs2). I currently have many customers that have large lists of email forwards.

The VHCS2 interface has a textarea for forward recipients, and you put in as many as you like separated by newlines. It makes for a nice clean way to manage forwarding addresses.

I have modified ISPConfig to use a textarea instead of an input in the template, and it works nicely without further modifications. Apparently it will accept a newline as a separator when it parses the addresses.

The template is mail_forward_edit.htm, and the code that replaces the existing code is:

<textarea rows="5" cols="100" name="destination" id="destination" maxlength="255" type="text" class="textInput" >{tmpl_var name='destination'}</textarea>

In addition, the destination field in the mail_forwarding table is only 255 characters. This is too small for many of my customer's lists.

If you could include this change in a future release, I would greatly appreciate it, and so may many other users.


11th August 2009, 23:40
I concur. For my purposes the varchar(255) definition of destination would make the forwarding feature kind of unusable since a number of my users' lists are larger than that.

Looks like this change just requires a modification to the template, and an ALTER DATABASE schema change to change the type of mail_forwarding.destination to mediumtext. As far as I can tell it doesn't hurt anything.

11th August 2009, 23:44
I am using the mod daily right now. I have many long forward lists. It works great, and is a really minor change. I hope it gets implemented in a future build, otherwise I will have to change it every time I upgrade - I'm committed to it now.

I actually changed the database type to TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT is pretty huge. TEXT is 65k characters, MEDIUMTEXT is 2^24, or 16MB.


11th August 2009, 23:45
Did you change the database column type to mediumtext as well?

12th August 2009, 01:16
No, I changed it to TEXT. MEDIUMTEXT seems too large, but will work fine.