View Full Version : Add DNS Zone upon Website Creation

6th July 2009, 20:57
I think it would be neat if a DNS zone could be automatically generated upon creating a new site entry in ISPConfig 3. Right now you have to create the site, then create the DNS Zone separately, kind of a lot of tedious work to do manually when it could easily be simplified with a script. If I remember right, I believe ISPConfig 2 had this automation, but I'm not completely sure.

7th July 2009, 12:22
exactly it work on ISPConfig 2. When create new website, right but also subdomain (record) and aliasdomain (zone DNS) ^^

20th July 2009, 11:48
There are a todolist to view if our idea are selected ?

20th June 2010, 14:54
This appears to be on the to do list and has yet to be implemented. I would love to see this so my users don't have to run the wizard upon site creation.

13th July 2010, 23:20
I hate to bump, but is there any update on this?