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28th May 2009, 12:08

I use ISPconfig on debian lenny

when I create a mailbox to a user with quota and mails are not over quota everything is going well
the problem appear when the user is expecting a mail over quota.

I set quota 1 MB to mailbox user@ispconfig.com
I sent 2 mails from yahoo one text small (received by user@ispconfig) and one of 1.5 MB (not received by user)

in the queue I found:
temporary failure. Command output: maildrop: maildir over quota.

how can I set an automatically message to user: "Your mailbox is full. delete some mails ..."

29th May 2009, 09:03
Maildrop retries to deliver the email for some time and the sender receives a message. If you want to send a email to the recipient when his account is over quota you might have to write a maildrop filter for it or a cron script that regularily checks the maildirs.

29th May 2009, 09:06
dear till,

thank you for your answer