View Full Version : ispconfig3 imap thunderbird and new mail folders

Doug G
27th May 2009, 07:31
I recently set up ispconfig3 on centos 5.3 to try it out, using the perfect server howto. After setting up an email account, I tried to create a new mail folder using thunderbird, but I can only make a new mail folder as a subfolder under the inbox.

From the same computer, same thunderbird, using imap to an ispconfig2 imap account (dovecot) I can create new folders without being under the inbox.

Is this some difference with courier imap, or some configuration issue I missed? tia.

27th May 2009, 12:01
Please take a look here:


Doug G
27th May 2009, 23:36
Thanks for that link. I'm using Thunderbird on Fedora 9, I'll spend some more time wandering around trying to find what I may need to change.

Doug G
28th May 2009, 06:36
A little more, this has been a useful problem, I know how to talk to an IMAP server via telnet now :)

Trying to create a shared folder in the #shared. namespace gives an "access denied" message about needing acl "c".

I don't really need top-level folder creation from thunderbird so I think I'm going to table this issue for now.