View Full Version : Where are the logs for ISPConfig 3 SSH users?

8th May 2009, 18:46
When ISPConfig 3 creates a new SSH user, where does it put the .bash_history log file?

I would like to be able to review command line histories on a few of the users accounts that I set up.


8th May 2009, 19:03
if it is not in the web root directory then there is no such log.

8th May 2009, 23:00

I managed to get it to work, but I think there may be an error in the ISPConfig 3 Shell user setup and configuration

I noticed that:

# echo $HISTFILE

produces: /path-to-webroot/.bash_history

# export HISTFILE

didn't produce anything until I created an the empty .bash_history file with the root account, in the webroot directory using

# touch .bash_history

Then, I gave it permission 775 and assigned it to user:group apache:web3 (in this case)

Now, when I exit, I notice that the .bash_history file is being populated with the history of commands.

9th May 2009, 19:08
Please post this to the bugtracker if you like this to be changed in future versions.

9th May 2009, 21:36
That sounds like a good idea. --Thanks!