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5th May 2009, 15:14
found this in my mail log:

May 5 14:01:07 h1550830 postfix/smtpd[2167]: connect from server1.nicron.hu[]
May 5 14:01:08 h1550830 postgrey[2934]: action=pass, reason=recipient whitelist, client_name=server1.nicron.hu, client_address=, sender=abuse@rum-reisen.de, recipient=abuse@rum-reisen.de
May 5 14:01:08 h1550830 postfix/smtpd[2167]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from server1.nicron.hu[]: 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table; from= to= proto=ESMTP helo=
May 5 14:01:08 h1550830 postfix/smtpd[2167]: disconnect from server1.nicron.hu[]

why would it say what I marked in red? This is obviously spam... but anyway it never made it into the inbox as the recipient address wasn't yet set up, just wondering...

5th May 2009, 15:21
Postgrey is not part of a normal ispconfig setup and has not been tested with it by the developers. So you will have to take a look into your postgrey settings and make sure that they are compatible with amavisd etc.

5th May 2009, 15:49
hadn't realizad it was a postgrey log :-( really sorry, now I undestand, I had misread, thought it was about a postfix whitelist :-(

5th May 2009, 16:27
(optional) exclude some recipients from whitelisting

edit /etc/postgrey/whitelist_recipient and add e.g. YOURDOMAIN.COM to exclude this address from greylisting processing.

# postgrey whitelist for mail recipients
# --------------------------------------
# put this file in /etc/postgrey or specify its path
# with --whitelist-recipients=xxx


that is where the acceptance came from...