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28th April 2009, 16:03
I have read thru your tutorial and found it extremely helpful as i am just a newbie in using linux and wanted to setup my own webhosting server.I have no idea what ISPconfig 3 is but i guess its a web control panel like c-panel and others.

I was wondering if you could include instructions on how i can configure c-panel and Horde email instead of ISPconfig 3 and squirell mail.

I will also like to know how i can include other webhosting account to the already created one your gave in your tutorial.

e.g someone.com and something.com

I also wanted to know if the name server can be any random number or is gotten also from the gateway because i know the gateway was gotten form the IPv4 Address.

I will be very happy if you could give me solutions to these questions and more should it arise.

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29th April 2009, 12:35
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