View Full Version : Migrating Email From CPanel

27th April 2009, 05:19

I'm attempting to migrate some accounts from CPanel to a brand new ISPConfig 3 installation. The web sites and databases should just be a matter of creating backups and copying them to their new locations. But it looks like the formats used to store old email are completely different between the two. How could I migrate these accounts' email over without loosing the saved messages that have already been delivered? Is there some documentation on the two formats used?


-- Tim

27th April 2009, 20:12
On the ISPConfig 3 system, Maildir is used to store emails. Do you know what was used on the CPanel system? mbox or Maildir?

It might be possible to migrate the mails using imapsync.

2nd October 2009, 05:42
Well, I went ahead and setup a fetchmail job which worked ... sort of. Ended up loosing the original sent/received dates and lost the read/unread status. Will probably try imapsync next time :)