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23rd April 2009, 14:51
If the domain isn't setup yet, is there a way to see the site using the ~

for example, I have 5 sites setup so far, but the domains haven't resolved yet, how can I see the site like this:


is there a way to see the site like that?

24th April 2009, 12:00
You can not view sites with ~in ispconfig. You will have to use the domain name of the site to access the webspace. If the domain does not resolve yet, then you can set the correct IP for the domain in the hosts file of your workstation.

24th April 2009, 12:06
ah bummer, thank you! :D

24th April 2009, 14:07
Try a symlink to the files you want to see in the webfolder of the shared-IP site.

I don't run ISPC 3 (yet), but in version 2 it would be like
ln -s /var/www/web2/web /var/www/sharedip/nametotypeafterIP

Then http://<ip>/nametotypeafterIP should work.
Something like this probably works also in ISPC 3, since this doesn't depend on ISPC, as long as you have Options +FollowSymlinks in the corresponding Apache-config or -section.


NB: ~ will not work with virtual users...

24th April 2009, 14:21
By changing the apache module userdir you are able to visit the website with the second ip address followed by /~username/

By changing the module from Userdir public_html to web , and path to dir from /home/www/* to /home/www/*/web

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