View Full Version : Ispconfig 3 kde ?

17th April 2009, 23:43
if i have a linux system (Perfect server ispconfig3 ubuntu 8.1 can i install a desktop (KDE for example) on my ispconfig server? if it is possible should i install kde after or befor ispconfig 3? (newbie to linux)

18th April 2009, 17:02
You can do that, but I wonder why? A desktop eats lots of resources and can slow down your server.

if it is possible should i install kde after or befor ispconfig 3?Doesn't matter.

19th April 2009, 02:09
my hosting server has very little traffic, and i would install the desktop so i can do the occasional office programs :) thanxfor the info

20th April 2009, 16:22
If you generally use another machine as your desktop and occasionally want to boot up a desktop on the server it might be worth having a look at nx

If you don't normally use a different machine for desktop needs then ignore the following

'In-house' users here use nx desktops for things like downloads etc as it eliminates the need to leave machines constantly running when there's no need, it all happens on the server

We log into the server using nx, start whatever we want to do running then disconnect from the nx desktop and this leaves it running in the background waiting for you to reconnect and carry on where you left off

As long as you have a desktop environment installed you can leave the server running in runlevel 3, means you don't have a resource hungry kde running on your server but can still access the resources on your server through a gui

Nx tunnels through ssh offering good security and it's also a good bit faster than using vnc sessions, plus the fact you can disconnect leaving sessions running in the background is very handy

Check out these sites if it sounds useful to you:



I use freenx as the server and the nomachine client for managing connections