View Full Version : Migrate Mail to ISPC3 Slave Server

17th April 2009, 18:53

I recently added a slave server to our master installation of ispconfig3. Now I want to transfer the mail-domains with all the connected mailboxes/aliases/... to the new slave server.

Question 1: Is there a possibility to manage this within ispconfig3?
Question 2: What's the way to go manipulating the database?
Question 3: Is there another simply method for doing that :)

Thanks a lot,

20th April 2009, 10:35
just to answer myself

1. Disable ispconfig e.g. with a .htaccess password protection
2. Dump mail_* tables on master server
3. replay mail_* on slave server
4. update server_id on mail_* on slave server
5. stop postfix on master and sync maildir to slave