View Full Version : Launching CGI script for home page

17th April 2009, 07:46
I have not been able to launch the perl script (file.pl) when accessing the websites home page. I receive an ERROR 403 - Forbidden!

In ISPConfig 2 I set up under site, options, DirectoryIndex:, (file.pl). Does ISPConfig 3 have a place to set this option. Perhaps under websites, options, Apache directives (!@#$%^&*) or what? (file.pl) by itself does not work. Please help.

I have CGI checked and have tried all the PHP options.

Many Kudos to the designers and programmers for a great product.

18th April 2009, 13:49
As far as I know this isn't possible yet, but I might be wrong.

19th April 2009, 16:56
Thanks for the reply.

Does anyone know if or when this feature will be added. It was in version 2.