View Full Version : Updating CentOS

30th March 2009, 03:09
Hey guys,

I've got a fully functional ISPconfig 3.0.1 on my new fresh CentOS 5.2 32bit install.
Is it safe for my to update the server as usual, i.e. "yum update" or will this brake ISPconfig?

30th March 2009, 13:28
Updating the server should not break your server. In case that you encounter a problem after a update you can run a ispconfig update and let the ispconfig installer reconfigure your system.

30th March 2009, 16:47
Ah that makes sense.
Is there a way to do like a force reconfigure or something? Because at the moment when I run it all I get is "There are no updates available for ISPConfig 3.0.1"

31st March 2009, 09:47
Download the tar.gz file of ispconfig 3 from ispconfig.org and then run the update.php script in the install folder.

1st April 2009, 16:15
Brilliant. Loving version 3.
Thanks a lot dude