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4th March 2009, 22:52
Hi Folks

I've spent some time for developing a little shell script, which installs ispconfig 3 automatically.

The script is available for Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 and Debian 5 (Lenny). An auto detection of the OS version is included.

I'll feel happy with your feedback and tips/ideas.

For get the script, named ICinstall, looking here: http://www.cubetech.ch/page/ispconfig

- Rev 1168 of Debian 5 version released
- Rev 1167 of Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 version released
- New Debian 5 version released! Rev 1165
- Rev 1160 of Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 version released
- New Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 version released! Rev 1159



5th March 2009, 08:45
This sounds intresting.
Is this script installing everithing ?.... apache,php , mail ...everthing u need?.. Give more detail ( in english ) :D i cant understand german.


5th March 2009, 08:52
Hey robilaur :D

Yes, this script installs everything, it's tested on a blank, debootstrapped Ubuntu 8.04. ;)

I'm sorry, my english is no so good ;)

Edit: It's also no problem when any components are already installed! But - when older versions are installed, these gone to be updated, without prompt. the script is not final yet, i've some more ideas ;)

5th March 2009, 09:00
Thats great ... can u try to make one for debian 5? oh and good luck fith the project...this is a great idear.

5th March 2009, 09:03
Thanks a lot!
I will try to do this, at the moment i've no debian system, but when you're lucky, you have the script this evening ;)

5th March 2009, 11:53
I've found a bug in the Rev 1159 for Ubuntu. This bug makes, that MyDNS is not installed, only compiled. In the Rev 1160 is this bug fixed.

You can get it at http://cubetech.ch/page/icdownload

@ robilaur: The Debian 5.0-script seems to be finished in a few of hours - i'm working on it! ;)

5th March 2009, 12:06
thanx dude !... u`r owsome

5th March 2009, 19:50
Guys - Good news.

The version for Debian 5 is released and can get under http://www.cubetech.ch/page/icdownload

Edit: Ubuntu-script fixed!!


6th March 2009, 08:43
Wow.... that was fast..... thanx m8... u did a gr8 job.... keep up the good work.
Thanx again... I`l test this later on today.

I`ve taken a look on the script...its verry nice .... but i found a little mistake.... thet is where u enter the hostname to :
echo $REPLY > /et/mailname
U forgot a "c" :)

6th March 2009, 09:50
Oh no... Suxx :)
Thanks for the message!

I've fixed it, the new version is ready to download...