View Full Version : ISPConfig3 CentOS : Not removing users/groups ?

4th March 2009, 12:08

Just installed ISPConfig RC2 in CentoOS 5.2 and found that after deleting domains, client, ftp user and shell user the user account details in /etc/passwd and /etc/group is left alone (not removed) ?

Further to that I do found that completely removing the domains and client accounts, the system seems to left over empty clients(n) folder with a dead symlink ?

The question, is not normal behavior ?

4th March 2009, 15:05
Centos support is currently only experimental, so that there might be problems with that distribution.

5th March 2009, 03:29
should I logged this issue under bugtracker ?

5th March 2009, 18:47
Yes, please post it in the bugtracker (with any details that might help solve the problem).