View Full Version : ISPConfig 3 - Problem: Clients creating new DNS zones

27th January 2009, 11:44
Hi all!

I'm new to ISPconfig and haven't used 2.x only 3.x, but I'm not new to Linux og system administration.

My setup is like this:

ISPC01 - Master, only running ISPconfig web interface.

Web01 - running ISPConfig web services.
Mail01 - running ISPConfig mail services.
Web02 - running ISPConfig web services.
Mail02 - running ISPConfig mail services.
NS1 - running ISPConfig DNS services.

If I create a new client, and set all the default servers for that client. (DNS default server is NS1)

But when the clients logs in and creates a new zone the zone is created on ISPC01 but not NS1.

Ideas? Bug?

Thanks from Iceland,
Bergur Haukdal

27th January 2009, 11:45
Looks like a bug. Please post it to the bugtracker so the devs can review it: