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13th January 2009, 15:59
hi, first: i'm very new to dns in general - so any hints will be very helpful to me..

i have set up a clean debian4 with ispconfig3 using the INSTALL_DEBIAN_4.0.txt

now, i did test my dns-server using this test-page:

it said that my server allows recursion, altough i checked that /etc/mydns.conf has the line: "recursive = "

after some research i found out that beside mydns also bind was running.. so after adding the line "recursion no" in /etc/bind/named.conf.options and restarting the bind-service did give positive results using the test-page..

so, finally i thought i could shutdown the bind-service and only use mydns.. this didn't work (the test-page did not longer found my server..)

now, my question as a newbie:

1) mydns requires a running bind-instance?

2) is something i did do obviously wrong?

i also used this test-page:


it says that my dns does not give authoritative answers for NS and SOA..

3) where can i change this?

thanks :)


i found out that editing the /etc/bind/named.conf.options raised new problems, as "dig @localhost mydomain.de" did not give any result of my dns back.. so i finally stopped the bind-service and afterwards started the mydns-service and everything worked well (as far as i can see)..
- authoritative answers
- no recursion

so, the following questions remain:

1) is stopping the bind-service the right way for me?.. or is this some kind of a terrible workaround.. oO
2) why is stopping the bind-service not mentioned in the INSTALL_DEBIAN_4.0.txt ?

13th January 2009, 17:46
Bind and mydns can not be installed together. You will have to uninstall bind, it is not suppoerted by ispcomfig 3.

2) why is stopping the bind-service not mentioned in the INSTALL_DEBIAN_4.0.txt ?

because bind is not installed by default on a debian system, so there is nothing to stop. You should have followed just the ispconfog 3 installation guide without installing bind first!

13th January 2009, 18:56
ok, thank you for your help!

i really followed the guide, but:

i found out that that hosteurope.de (where i am using a VPS) installs bind9 on every new debian-vps..

@hosteurope-users, therefore:
apt-get remove bind9