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6th March 2006, 22:36
I am trying to work through the how to install samba on Ubuntu tutorial. I keep running into things and having to start over with a fresh install.

This time I cannot get Putty to recognize my ubuntu machine over the network. Last time it was a snap just entered and I was able to log into my server. Unfortunalty I had partitioned my harddrive incorrectly and had to reinstall the whole thing.

Now I followed all the directions again and have come to the place where I want to log in from another computer but it seems I have something wrong. I checked /etc/network/interfaces file and the /etc/hosts and it seems like everything is correctly set up.

I don't know if anyone can help me isolate the problem or maybe I should just start over with a fresh install

6th March 2006, 23:59
What's the output of ifconfig? Do you see the server's (expected) IP address there?

7th March 2006, 13:10
Yes right after inet addr:

This is the address that I am trying to see from the other computer?

7th March 2006, 14:41
Ok, then make sure you use in PuTTY - maybe you made a typo.

But it could also be a firewall issue. What's the output of iptables -L on your Ubuntu system?

7th March 2006, 15:22
Thanks for the response, I decided to re install everything once again and go through all the steps again to see if I missed something. If I come up against this same issue again I will definatly try the iptables -L command.

Right now I am trial and erroring my way through this linux, it seems more trial than error right now but you have been a great help so far and I really appreciate this website and forum. I am sure I will be back again soon:)