View Full Version : Courier IMAP - when does it delete deleted messages??

16th August 2005, 21:12
Hi, I'm currently using Courier POP3 and IMAP server, but what I can't understand is that when i 'delete' a message in my mail-client it gets marked for deletion but it never seems to be deleted... When is Courier IMAP supposed to delete it/or is there somewhere I can set this??

16th August 2005, 21:26
Try to mark your "deleted" mails and hit the del key on your keyboard.

17th August 2005, 18:03
Tried that, but nothing happends.. I'm wondering if there's supposed to be perhaps a cron-job or something that goes through users maildir and deletes messages marked for deletion, or how is it normaly done?

19th August 2005, 00:52
When using IMAP messages never get deleted right away. Depending on the client your using there are different ways to go about deleting IMAP message. With Outlook Express there is a Purge button, that button will delete the messages with a line through them. If you dont see the button go to View > Layout... > Custimize Toolbar > Purge

Almost all IMAP clients work this way.