View Full Version : The Perfect Setup Fedora Core 3 IMAP administration help needed.

3rd March 2006, 13:07
Firstly thanks for a nice and easy to follow guide :)

I however would like to be pointed in the direction of where I can find info on how to administer the imap server, add users/mailboxes etc.

I have been looking at a cyrus IMAP howto but it has information about running commands that don't exist on my server, like 'cyradm' & 'imtest'

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in advance,


3rd March 2006, 17:54
I suggest you install Dovecot instead of Cyrus-IMAP.
Then you can follow the steps described here: http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2
and it should work. :)