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22nd February 2006, 11:16
I'm using fedora 4 and have been trying to set up to receive emails.
Using evolution I am able to send mail out to my webmail address (and others)
but have not been able to receive. I am not sure if this is an evolution configuration problem or sendmail. Any tips would be helpful.

22nd February 2006, 19:44
What's in the mail log?

Is this related to your problem? http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25

22nd February 2006, 21:00
Thanks for your response Falko
Iv'e attached my mail log. 73. The link you suggested I will look at again when I'm at home.
I had read it before posting this and did'nt think it was relevent, but I may be wrong and will follow it through when I get home, but at least I can send. I am not running webmin so how to I check "SMTP Port Options" from the command line interface.

thanks for your help

23rd February 2006, 00:40
Feb 22 23:04:39 gthill sendmail[22075]: k1MEwfge022073: timeout waiting for input from mx3.mail.yahoo.com. during client greeting

Is your server behind a router, on a DSL line with a dynamic IP address? It's likely that big email providers block these IP addresses. Another reason might be that your server doesn't have a proper PTR or SPF record.
Please contact Yahoo and ask them about their policies regarding the acceptance of emails.