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15th February 2006, 14:13
Hi everybody,

I' ve just finished my "Perfect Setup-Fedora Core 4", and I have a strange problem.
I created a user into the server named john for sending emails.
On a second machine I created a user into Outlook Express. When I send an email from gmail (or whatever), the mail goes to my server, but Outlook cannot download it.
I can see johns' email through Webmin, but Outlook doesn't download it (No error messages).
Is this problem related with Postfix or OE?
Sorry for my bad English; I'm from Greece.

Thanks a lot

15th February 2006, 14:14
Did you install ISPConfig? Which pop3 server do you use, the one mentioned in the howto or do you use dovecot?

15th February 2006, 14:27
No ISPConfig at all. As far as Dovecot is concerned I didn't touch it. I followed the step-by-step guide "The Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 4".
So my mail server is Postfix.
And by the way, when I create my OE user, I don't check this SSL options; if this can help you.

Thanks a lot

15th February 2006, 15:50
I've just noticed something: The Sent Items are OK; I mean that when I sent an email somewhere using this account, the mail sending process works fine! Except this, my message is also stored into "Sent Items" folder correctly. My only problem is when I try to receive my e-mails; OE doesn't understand that there are new e-mails for downloading....

Thanls a lot

15th February 2006, 19:54
Where did you see these newly arrived messages? In /var/spool/mail/ ?

15th February 2006, 21:19
Please post the output of netstat -tap
What's in your mail log?

15th February 2006, 23:24
Never mind guys. I've just turned my server into SuSE 9.3 Professional following "The Perfect Setup - SuSE 9.3" and all works fine.
Thank you all however.
By the way I have a question:
1. Is there a way (step-by-step tutorial) to secure my server, because I don't know much about firewalls etc.

16th February 2006, 00:56
1. Is there a way (step-by-step tutorial) to secure my server, because I don't know much about firewalls etc.
We don't have a step-by-step instruction, but this tutorial here is about iptables: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_iptables_sarge
Then we have this IPCop tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_linux_firewall_ipcop
A chkrootkit-portsentry tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/howto_chkrootkit_portsentry
And a tutorial about preventing SSH dictionary attacks: http://www.howtoforge.com/preventing_ssh_dictionary_attacks_with_denyhosts