View Full Version : System administration in Falko-way

26th January 2006, 19:47
Hi all,

ive just now set up my home web-server according to Falko's tutor. (perfect setup+sarge in google). That's way the name og this thread is .... this. :)
Ive installed the system with courier imap and courier-pop so with maildir support. Id like to know, how to create a maildir for a user, that i added. By the way, im using a script of my own to be sure everything is at the right place. (im using virtualuser and virtualmail in /home to separate mails and web files). Currently im not using ISPC.

26th January 2006, 20:34
If you configured postfix correctly, you only have to send an email to the account and postfix makes the maildir for you.

An other way is o use the maildirmake command.