View Full Version : Suse Postfix + Dovecot + ISP Config + smtp Auth; recieving problem!

14th January 2006, 03:00

i configured my computer onmoste the same as in "The Perfect Setup Suse 10 RC1"

i only chainged the courier to dovecot..
now i can send just perfectly..
but i can not recieve..
i had the same problem with my old operating system (Ubuntu "breezy")
the old system was exactly the same as the tutorial (no dovecot, just courier like the setup)

i can not recieve unless i add a mail allias to the Postfix configuration
which means if i want for example .com .net domains both with contact & support.. i will get them to the exact same mail box..

so my question is.. why can't i recieve?
i can't even recieve localy anymore..

please help me!


14th January 2006, 15:29
First its not a good idea to change from courier to dovecot as courier is the most tested and recommended solution for ISPConfig. Thats why the howto uses it ;)

To your Mail receivinf problem:

1) Dont edit or use the alis file, the mail accounts where managed by ISPConfig.

2) Have you created a website and email users / accounts in ISPConfig?

3) Please post your main.cf here.

15th January 2006, 20:03
Do you have ISPConfig installed? What's in your mail log?