View Full Version : Backup files windows <-> linux

5th January 2006, 19:08
Hey all i have a little backup problem

How do i backup all my files form windows computer to linux comptuer.
And linux computer to windows computer?
Want to have a cron setup also so that id does it dayly.


5th January 2006, 19:23
Backup file linux ==> windows:

1) create a network share on your windows PC
2) Use smbmount on linux to mount the share.
3) Use the tar program to make a backup of your linux files and store it on the monted windows share.

Backup Windows ==> Linux:

1) Install samba on your linux PC and create a samba share.
2) create a network drive on windws for this samba share and save the backup file(s) on this network drive. You can use a backup software of your choice for windows.

5th January 2006, 19:26
so your saying do all of it form windows and not use a liux program?

5th January 2006, 19:30
No, when i write ".... on linux" it means you will have to do this on your linux PC, not on windows.