View Full Version : postfix with horde - address book feature

24th December 2005, 19:12
Hey everyone,

I have a running postfix with horde for webmail. I'd like to activate the address book feature in horde.

I looked through horde's website and found that I need to change the the configuration in horde.php3 to the following:

user_use_addressbook = false ---> true

problem is I can't seem to find horde.php3 file nor any other file containing this variable (search with fgrep for a "user_use_addressbook" string in all files)

any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!

25th December 2005, 15:06
You can run
locate horde.php3
to find that file.

25th December 2005, 21:00
thanks for the tip, I've tried that but got nothing as an answer. any ideas how to add the address book in another way?

26th December 2005, 15:34
Maybe the name of the file has changed (e.g. to horde.php). Try locate horde.php

26th December 2005, 21:17
still couldn't find it. do you know another way to enable the address book feature?

27th December 2005, 15:19
I'm not very familiar with Horde. Maybe they have a forum or mailing list where you can ask for help?:)