View Full Version : install apache 1.3 on FC 4

22nd December 2005, 01:05
hello there,

I posted this in another forum. in a rush to get this done before this christmas, I post here as well.

we are upgrading our web server from suse 7.3 running apache 1.3 to a FC 4.

however, apache 2.0 on the FC 4 seems got a problem with the current web server setup which involves two web sites using one ssl certificate.

so its decided put apache 1.3 on FC4 using the current httpd.conf. as expected, we got lots of dependence errors.

has anyone successfully put apache 1.3 on FC4.

or we have to do a total revamp of the website based apache 2.0.

any input welcome.



22nd December 2005, 18:44
I don't know if there's an official Apache 1.3 package available for Fedora Core 4.
Maybe it's a good idea to compile it manually with these instructions: http://www.howtoforge.com/howto_apache_mod_ssl_php