View Full Version : Debian sarge howto adsl configuration

21st December 2005, 19:02
How can i install debian folowing the howto for debian sarge, with a speedtouch adsl modem (510), that neds a username and a password to conect to internet???

21st December 2005, 20:19
Don't you have a router? Normally you would give your router the username and password, and it would then use the modem to connect to the internet...

21st December 2005, 20:22
I dont have a router, just a adsl modem. DO i have to buy a router or is another way of doing it????:eek:

21st December 2005, 21:24
You can run a pc as router and server. This is not covered in the howto and requires some additional software and configuration. But it is uncommon and not really secure if you dont know exactly what you are doing.

21st December 2005, 23:44
I found these links that can help you to build your own Debian router:


But it will be easier to use something like IPCop ( http://www.ipcop.org/ ) as a router. This distribution is specifically designed to act as a router.