View Full Version : Mac OS X binding problem to Samba Domain contoller

17th October 2007, 06:51

I followed the steps outlined in an article on this site to configure samba as a domain contoller on an Ubuntu server 6.x system

The tutuorial is great, and I was able to ad my WinXP professional system easily and as advertised.

Now, I have two Max OS X 10.4 systems that I can't bind to the domain on the ubuntu box...I get an error that the domain can't be found. I use the samba PDC to manage the ACL, so I don't have openLDAP installed. Also, I don't have a DNS behind the firewall, I point to my ISP's DNS.

FYI: I use the Directory Access GUI to attempt the binding...should I be using command line? Any ideas?


14th September 2009, 14:14
If i reinstall mac os x from the disc to my macbook will everything get deleted? pictures, music, files, etc. i accidently deleted ichat and i'm running on mac os x 10.5.4 and i can't find anywhere to redownload ichat to my computer but i did read that i could get it from my installation discs. PLEASE HELP!
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13th January 2010, 12:19
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