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9th December 2005, 00:24
I setup suse9.3 with ispconfig and i have a few problems,
when i try to enable maildir from the ispconfig it asks if i want to display secure and non secure info for the page,either yes or no brings a blank page.
This happens for all the help icons from within the control panel.
Would this be something wrong with ispconfig or my setup?

I can view my ispconfig CP from https but i get broken pages when i view non secure pages??

9th December 2005, 02:58
Do you use exactly the same URL as is in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/config.inc.php to access ISPConfig?

10th December 2005, 01:02
hmmm my problem was partly because my host was set as "auto"
i changed it to www so it now works fine if i log in via the linux box if i try to access the control panel from any other pc it wont display the help or let me change the settings,i cleared my cookies etc but i still get the promt for displaying secure and non secure.

I also changed all my host info in yast to "www" from the "auto"

not sure what the problem is?

10th December 2005, 14:11
The problem is that you must use the same URL to access ISPCOnfig controlpanel that you speified during ISPCOnfig installation. Otherwise you will get the errors you described.


10th December 2005, 21:32
Thanks for the help
ive done exactly what you said and it only fixes the problem for me when i login using the suse box,if i login from any other pc i still get the broken images and the help/settings wont work?:confused:

I changed the ispconfig file to reflect my true path so im not sure why it would fix the problem for the main box and still show it for any other machine that connects?

thanks for all the help this site is by far one of the most helpful resources ive found to date,
keep up the good work:D

*Would it be causing this problem because i manually changed my hostname from "auto" to www?

10th December 2005, 23:55
The path you enter in the config.inc.php file must be reachable from all workstations. I guess its an DNS problem. Try to ping the URL from the workstations, can you ping it and is the correct IP resolved?