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8th December 2005, 05:43
I have been setup a Postfix realy backup server but only can service the registered domain.
Now I have been edit the config file in main.cf and transport

The problem that is I want to open it to other people, and donot want to edit the config file for each customer.
I want to change the DNS MX record only.

Is postfix can do that (just like sendmail), and how to do that. I can't find any information in the website, pls help

8th December 2005, 13:02
Can you describe more precisely what you plan to do?

9th December 2005, 03:53
I think I do not have any plan in this project. (main server down the backup server will be recevice the mail and will send the receivced mail to the main mail server)
By the way, my boss told me he want to open the backup relay server to his client. I have been setup a backup relay server for one of the client. If I want to add more that one(more) domain in there, I can edit the transportList and main.cf in that config file. But my boss want to open the reply server to the pubilc, I don't how to do.

Thanks for your reply.

edit in main.cf

mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, relay_domain.a, relay_domain.b ..........

edit in transportList

domain.a smtp:[smtp.domain.a]:25
domain.b smtp:[smtp.domain.b]:25

Now I don't want to edit transportList, and it can be relay to all the mail server that add in the main.cf