View Full Version : Mysql Upload Limits ?

30th November 2005, 16:07
I searched the site and went throught ISPconfig and did up the size in there but cant seem to up more than the 2mb ... Im just not sure what file to edit in mysql to up the limit as well as maybe apache or the quota ? any help would be great thanks ... the reason being i have a forum running on my server ... Im running fedora 4 / ispconfig


30th November 2005, 16:17
Did you mean the upload limit in phpmyadmin?

Open the file /root/ispconfig/php/php.ini with an editor and set the value for upload_max_filseize to e.g. 10 MB:

upload_max_filesize = 10M

Then save the file and restart the ISPConfig server:

/etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart

30th November 2005, 16:21
Thanks that worked perfect

30th November 2005, 16:32
Still dont seem to work .... i think its the forum it self ... can i try and add the upload_tmp folder in php.ini and add folder on the the server /var/web/ ...

30th November 2005, 17:22
Well i almost have working not it gives and error that the MySQL Packet Size 1.00 MB is not larg enough ... i could not find where to up the size .... thanks

30th November 2005, 17:54
I figured out the problem i had to add max_allowed_packet=16M in my.cnf file under [mysqld] and everything works fine ., thanks