View Full Version : The DEBIAN Perfect Setup guide - partitioning

29th November 2005, 12:55
concerning the partitioning:

it seems you recommend to install everything into 1 partition mounted as /

I found another small guide here http://www.debianhowto.de/de:howtos:woody:ausgangssystem
which recommends another structure. I guess because of security reasons (so no user exceeding his quota, maybe by hacking or whatever can block the whole system) ??

Could you have a look at the page? What partitioning would you suggest if one wants to use your ispcfg ?

I guess a fairly large amount has to be allocated to /var but how about the others?
on the other side is it really worth all the hassle? will it confuse ispcfg if I have another aprtitioning scheme?

can anyone suggest some sizes for lets say a 40gb hd? I mean one can change values proportionally for a bigger hd...

29th November 2005, 13:02
For a more advanced partitioning scheme for ISPConfig please have a look here: