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21st November 2005, 21:50
I have set up debian-sarge with Apache2 to use as webserver in my DMZ. It's behind a router/firwall and only port 80 is pointing to it. I also have a Windows server doing webmail and RWW on port 443.

To access webmail i would type https://mydomain.com/exchange
To access RWW i would type https://mydomain.com/remote

Everything works fine, but as one is lazy i would like to continue using

mail.mydomain.com and yoda.mydomain.com for RWW

instead today this will take me to my homepage ofcourse.

I have this setup in the DNS servers so that points it to the IP of my router.

I looked in the Apache docs there were som some redirect commands and there was Name-based Virtual Hosts. But I'am not sure how to this. :confused:

22nd November 2005, 17:41
vhosts in Debian is simple... Please checkout a previous post:


22nd November 2005, 22:11
Ofcourse it is once you know how :)

About an hour of reading and testing solved the problem.

<VirtualHost *>
ServerName mail.mydomain
redirect / https://mydomain/exchange

<VirtualHost *>
ServerName yoda.mydomain
redirect / https://mydomain/remote