View Full Version : mysql not working

7th November 2005, 00:08
Right I got my php and vhost thingy worked out then I find that info.php states that it hasn't got mysql while php4-mysql is installed and the site has it turned on in ispconfig. Any way I can troubleshoot this?



Should php.ini have mysql off globally? ";extension=mysql.so"


7th November 2005, 10:53
This should not be commented out:


When you have the mysql php extension installed. Try to remove the comment (;" and restart your apache webserver.

7th November 2005, 13:58
So unlike PHP which disabled by default and enabled per vhost, how is mysql denied per vhost then?

I did uncomment the line so I could install my site :o) just wondering if it's the way it should be...

7th November 2005, 14:44
You have a check box in ISPConfig where you can enable/disable MySQL.