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  1. PHP: Turn relative links into absolute ones?
  2. Internal Server Error with CGI scripts?
  3. Send emails with inline images
  4. WYSIWYG web based editors?
  5. Wrong php.ini?
  6. Disable exec() in PHP
  7. Location of IP addresses
  8. Uebimiau quota...
  9. Hiding email addresses
  10. Problems after PHP update
  11. mail() function not available in PHP???
  12. Strange behaviour of foreach in PHP 4.3.11
  13. File uploads with PHP
  14. Echo into a file
  15. Free server information script: vpsinfo
  16. Mailbox form/creation
  17. Help config Awstats
  18. Message Boards
  19. Debian (Sarge) Deamon Mode?
  20. User Password Image
  21. script to delete
  22. Backups
  23. form mail PHP...???
  24. REQ: Start/Stop Script for ISPC and other services
  25. problem with Intel fortran 9.0 on em64t machin
  26. Bash - Deleting duplicate records
  27. Need help for writing shell script
  28. Converting PDF to .txt File
  29. PHP - where to start to learn
  30. Environment suggestions for PHP
  31. What the "@" mean in php
  32. Executing ICON script
  33. Perl error message
  34. System Security
  35. Data upload from CSV file
  36. php4+imap/pop3 connection to a remote server
  37. Impressive shell scripting
  38. cms for commerce
  39. Setting up cgi scripts
  40. Help!!! - Perl
  41. req: Bash / Script to auto kill PID if it's needed....
  42. perl script for my dns service
  43. Problem with ctype_alnum and spanish characters
  44. Perl non-printable chars and unwanted formatting
  45. Help....Sound
  46. Bash - reading stuff from MySQL..
  47. PHP > MYSQL to protect a page
  48. Automating disk usage report to users
  49. Calling $Response->Write from perl
  50. PHP not working on FC4
  51. replacement for mysqldump --all-databases
  52. Automaticaly create email accounts
  53. eaccelerator installation - can't find php5-config
  54. Auto-Verify at Spamcop
  55. bash
  56. apc pecl or eAccelerator?
  57. Bash: Assigning variables
  58. du.sh
  59. PHP generating XML
  60. Need help for writing shell script
  61. ftp shell script
  62. bash script compare variables pattern matching
  63. kill a process by the pid
  64. ping script
  65. converting a 10 line cgi to php.
  66. installing gd2 for php
  67. Change basedir MySQL with xampp
  68. Handling keyboard and mouse with C#
  69. How do I do this in PHP?
  70. scirpt problem
  71. shell script
  72. Newbie: Creating a simple php form email, how?
  73. Shell Script Need Help
  74. php scripting and shell commands
  75. Who has experience with APC?
  76. java: change form input
  77. annoying HTML onclick= "" with PHP
  78. php online web based software
  79. Sorting Results in MySQL
  80. Problem with perl in Debian Sarge
  81. Searching a MySQL database using PHP
  82. PHP/MySQL Store Locator Open Source
  83. MySQL 5 to MySQL 4
  84. shell script problem (urgent)
  85. PHP MySql Store locator by lat/lon coordinates
  86. URGENT :::how to open the uploaded OpenOffice SpreadSheet in Windows
  87. Compiling PHP with PostgreSQL support using Microsoft Visual C++
  88. Problem setting up cgi/perl script
  89. How set up Software for e-commerce
  90. Need some script if possible
  91. Problems with FTP autologin
  92. wpmu - wordpress multi user related
  93. Need help writing simple copy script
  94. squirrelmail cannot decode budystructure of email?
  95. need urgent help for writing shell script
  96. Awk passwd
  97. Visual Web developer 2005 and Linux
  98. PHP using the --with-pgsql configure
  99. PHP editor and debuger...
  100. Developmet JSP
  101. Ftp User Creation Script
  102. Can i do this On WEB ?
  103. Acsii Logo
  104. DB_File does not give any extension. HELP !!!
  105. Usage of mv in bash shell script
  106. need help on Contact Page
  107. squirrelmail vs roundcube
  108. how to compile php5.1.6 with gd and with jpg support?
  109. php script question from non php geek
  110. Web Forms
  111. how to change keyboard.c that is in the kernel
  112. Monitor users traffic
  113. connect email server to a web server
  114. Running slowed commands trough ssh2(php)
  115. Windows PHP script problem
  116. Importing text file into MySQL?
  117. newbie please help, i suck!!!
  118. Apache2 reload script
  119. please help...restore 180 mb backup
  120. (Language C++) Using variables in mysql_query...
  121. php and mail - please help
  122. Bash help needed
  123. Symlink in URL (PHP Program)
  124. Javascript spinning wheel effect
  125. Java - server side confirmation dialog
  126. MySql Script
  127. Image gallery question: Better to save the thumbnails in the database?
  128. 1 (one) line if then statement while ssh to remote server
  129. Looking for respectable software for advertisement!!!
  130. if [ -d != doesn't work
  131. string
  132. PHP - Cannot modify header information
  133. What your favorite PHP framework?
  134. Managing download speed per user?
  135. Missing functions
  136. Htaccess
  137. Modem Script - Dial a number and hang up
  138. Problem after Zend Optimizer install
  139. restart apache via php
  140. Adding vhosts to Apache 2 from a website
  141. Is there a Script to add Multiple Domains (websites) to ISPCONFIG???
  142. getopts
  143. Where is the output ofter the compilation?
  144. problem with gettimeofday function
  145. add cronjob to run a page on a website
  146. perl script hylafax email to fax gateway
  147. Shell Scripting Help...
  148. View Source Files
  149. Can gd make a border?
  150. please help with shell script
  151. Fibonacci series in Java
  152. Getting columns from csv file in perl
  153. Yet more shell scripting
  154. Ntop top 10 talkers? via the command line
  155. How much you know in C - (C Quiz)
  156. hoow to connect to sql server from a script shell
  157. C Programming Quiz #2
  158. I need some advice
  159. extracting txt from html pages returned from asp and other query engines
  160. php and mysql encoding
  161. How to compile PHP5.1.6 with gd support
  162. php-gd installed but not working!
  163. Filter Behavior & null Attribute in Tomcat
  164. limit cpu load
  165. start stop linux services with php ?
  166. Need a design advice for ajax.
  167. distcc the debian way
  168. C++, issues converting decimal to fraction
  169. PHP form
  170. HowTo Connect 'C' with Flash
  171. Show image with PHP (error)?
  172. Windows PHP interface with Linux box
  173. Capability to switch between php4 and php5
  174. PHP: Grab (trim) a part of a string?
  175. Limit PHP Session Authentication
  176. PHP session. How safe is it?
  177. Linux Script
  178. video uploading
  179. Connect to MSSQL from SH/KSH
  180. Need some help with a script
  181. How to pass a posted variable from Bash to PHP?
  182. How to connect to a Linux machine using VB
  183. Accesing another blade/machine in a script?
  184. PHP, read values from txt file, and add
  185. How to do massive changes
  186. Keeping Current With Knowledge
  187. PHP5 logs
  188. Changing a currency symbol in mysql database
  189. PHP Wishlist
  190. Storing Session Data in MySQL Table
  191. MySQL syntax
  192. Replace find with locate
  193. PHP number of queries executed
  194. How to add/change entries use diff and sed
  195. env variable mac address script problems
  196. serious help
  197. [SHELL] script in script
  198. Very frustrating Sudden PHP Include Error
  199. redirecting with .htaccess
  200. Put text from multiple lines onto one line?
  201. mail question for php script
  202. IMAP Messages
  203. About Smarty
  204. digital sugnatures, php, and shell :-)
  205. passing variables to a javascript file using php
  206. Help w/ sed parsing special characters
  207. Let me introduce me
  208. help php adding a user in linux
  209. html select, pass selected to javascrip function
  210. wget cron job
  211. Run program with own pid
  212. Mac And A Flash Menu Problem?
  213. Thirty days uptime, then reboot every hour??
  214. KBPublisher - Making a template
  215. how to Digitally sign mails?
  216. gnugp - automated script - unsign & decrypt in one step whilst keeping security tight
  217. apache2 search&delete
  218. Linux CLI
  219. Need help with exec a start.sh script from php.
  220. PHP5 / XML API help!
  221. phpmyadmin "Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration"
  222. Notice: Validate::regex Unspecified rule: phone in admin/lib/eleontev/Validator.php
  223. How to call a header page in the template
  224. write installer script
  225. PHP and Cacti issues
  226. Web Spiders
  227. Redirect help for email - aliases file in Postfix
  228. setting up database backup
  229. How to show error line number while using sh somefile.sh
  230. Delete whole line based on pattern
  231. CRON job to delete old files
  232. ubuntu linking !!??
  233. ubuntu 7.10 anjuta wxGlade wizard no good !
  234. linking question
  235. html help
  236. Urgent Helpp
  237. Python web programming security
  238. show / hide input fields
  239. File Encryption In Linux
  240. Network Management Software
  241. View apache logs live on the web
  242. PHP authentication with mysql encrypt function
  243. Shell Script to get two ip at a time
  244. Service Status Script
  245. Sarg Segmentation Problem
  246. PHP and Cron
  247. Flash and posted variables.
  248. PHP File Upload Problem
  249. Need help getting started simple simple shell script
  250. cpAdmin - A Courier/Postfix Admin interface to mySQL