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  1. Random password generator for password fields
  2. Change async html loading method (maybe 3.0.6)
  3. Request: set options for server resources
  4. initialize email disable/enable checkbox
  5. Folder protection issue
  6. Bulk allow-transfer option needed for DNS.
  7. How about a RSS feed on the login page?
  8. Email foward with scheduller
  9. Choose listen port of a VirtualHost or overall apache listen port
  10. Will there be international languages support?
  11. How to request a new ISPConfig feature
  12. Add client quota info to the Account Overview
  13. how to get longer lists in ISPConfig3?
  14. EMail Users
  15. Billing Module
  16. Modulo Riassuntivo
  17. Modulo EPP Client
  18. Receiving emails for domain1.tld, replacing domain part, resending to domain2.tld
  19. Anybody can develop mailman list skin/theme?
  20. Integrating SOGo into ISPconfig
  21. Protected folders not PHP support
  22. Removal of Bastille Firewall from ISPConfig3
  23. More security for FTP
  24. vserver to apply settings without reboot.
  25. Full server transfert
  26. Two-factor authentication
  27. Force strong mail passwords
  28. Quick Resync all button?
  29. Naming system
  30. Datalog ID
  31. Monitoring - Show overview
  32. Add Templates for resellers
  33. Apache httpd 2.4 support
  34. webdav kerbros authentication
  35. email forwarding two choises.
  36. View statistics for all the hosted web sites
  37. CouchBase as a NoSQL db
  38. Elastic Search
  39. Cubrid
  40. Kolab & Bluemind
  41. Postfix BlackList REASON
  42. Remoting API
  43. MySQL -> MariaDB
  44. Backup now!
  45. sensors, Temperatures, Power supply, fan
  46. NAT option under System/Firewall
  47. Importing from other panels
  48. Not feature request but cosmetic fix
  49. ISPConfig monitor app for iOS?
  50. Not Feature Request, But List Of Commands
  51. [Request] Changeable Web-Mail Client
  52. SEO Redirect
  53. Include email with site backup
  54. dns zone import script
  55. mod_geoip2
  56. Who should i contact if i willing to pay for strong password enforcement?
  57. Support to FreeBSD / DragonFly BSD
  58. mod_wsgi
  59. Mailbox Harddisk Quota
  60. Revamp look & feel
  61. Clustering
  62. Backup - Different Plans
  63. [req] Add client column in DNS-Zone view
  64. Import list of e-mail addresses to blacklist
  65. make open_basedir editable for ghosts of subdomains
  66. add better crypto presets
  67. pure-FTP: Settings for passive ports
  68. add more specific sieve-rules for Junk
  69. Allow overwrite of dovecot settings
  70. Custom folders for sites
  71. Creating directory upon add Subdomain
  72. Suggestions for ISPConfig3 future dev
  73. New theme design will boost Ispconfig
  74. Show password option / impersonate
  75. It should be nice to have web2py support
  76. APS database name
  77. job queue time display
  78. How about a scaled down version of ISPConfig
  79. basic http auth for ISPconfig3 web interface