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June 13, 2014

As scientists and researchers develop new and better methods for collecting data, from new sensor technology to advancements in data mining techniques, the sheer volume of data to be analyzed grows accordingly. For big data, you need big clusters, and OpenStack has proven to be an important tool for many scientific institutions seeking to manage and orchestrate their machines and more
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The focus of this article is to select the finest shell scripting books which are available to download for free. Many of the books featured here can also be freely distributed. So get reading, learning and sharing.
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All computer systems can suffer from malware and viruses, including Linux. Thankfully, very few viruses exist for Linux, so users typically do not install antivirus software. It is still recommended that Linux users have antivirus software installed on Linux systems that are on a network or that have files being transfered to the device. Some users may argue that antivirus software uses up too much resources. Thankfully, low-footprint software exists for Linux. To better understand antivirus programs, it may be beneficial to understand malware itself.
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Parrot is prepping two Linux-based mini-drones: a $160 “Jumping Sumo” wheeled robot and a $100 “Rolling Spider” quadrocopter that can fly, roll, or climb.
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In today's open source roundup: Will we see a MATE version of Ubuntu? Plus: Linux versus Windows and consoles in gaming, and Firefox 30 released.
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This tutorial explains the configuration of a static IP address (IPv4 and IPv6), the hostname and nameservers on CentOS. To be compatible with Desktop and Server Systems, we do the configuration on the shell.
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Automatically updating Android apps could get riskier thanks to a change Google developers have made to the way the OS discloses new app permissions, such as the ability to send potentially costly text messages or track a user's precise geographic location.
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This guide explains the installation and configuration of a VNC server on Ubuntu 14.04 server.
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Many Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients in Fedora (xchat, hexchat, irssi) only support the IRC protocol, however many users also converse in other Instant Messaging (IM) protocols like Google Talk. One option to have all your IMs and Chats in one application is to switch to a client that supports both IRC and IM, such as pidgin or empathy. However, there is another option that does not require you to switch IRC clients — bitlbee.
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Jon Masters summarises the latest goings on in the Linux Kernel community, including the Linux 3.15 merge window, and ongoing development
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Version 7.0 of the open source operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which brings major updates for the cloud, virtualization, management and more, is out.
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Manjaro is one of a handful of desktop distributions based on Arch Linux that are attempting to put a more user-friendly interface on the power of Arch Linux. The others are Antergos and Kademar.
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Mozilla said that Spreadtrum’s $25 Firefox OS phone will soon be carried by Intex and Spice in India, and it also signed up Taiwan-based Chunghwa Telecom. It seems only fitting that the country that brought us the $25 tablet should also be the first to try out the $25 smartphone. While Datawind’s Android-based Aakash 2 (UbiSlate) actually sold for $38, Indian government subsidization dropped that closer to $25 for schoolchildren. It remains to be seen whether Spreadtrum will enjoy similar discounts from Indian carriers Intex and Spice to keep its budget Firefox OS phone at the promised $25. Perhaps tellingly, there was no $25 price mentioned in Mozilla’s latest announcement.
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The scientific journal, Nature Methods, has made a transformation. From closed to open, the journal now embraces open science practices with the purpose of enabling true reproducible research. This is an account of how this transformation came to be.
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When I wrote about Usenet and Sickbeard a while back, I got many e-mailsthat I had broken the first rule of Usenet: don't talk about Usenet. I'm asucker for freedom though, and I can't help but share when cool programsare available. This month, I switched from Sickbeard to NZBDrone formanaging my television shows.
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On behalf of the Manjaro team, I'm pleased to announce the release of Manjaro Linux 0.8.10. Our team has worked hard over the last three months to put together the most refined and user-friendly Manjaro release to date. This release includes our flagship Xfce edition, feature-rich KDE edition, lightweight Openbox edition and our minimal 'Net' edition. Although the general layout of our supported environments has not changed dramatically, there have been look-and-feel improvements, including a modern graphical bootsplash, new default theme (Menda) and a new look for our welcome screen.
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June 12, 2014

Build Linux distros, dual boot, virtualise, securely browse in private, make Raspberry Pi games and more with Linux & Open Source Genius Guide Vol. 5
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Diskless booting implies that a client computer does not have any disk storage when booting an operating system. In that case, the computer can load the kernel as well as the root filesystem from a remote NFS server over network. It may use several different methods to load the kernel and the root filesystem from […]Continue reading...The post How to diskless boot a Linux machine appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to find the IP address of VMware virtual machine How to change the boot order of guest VM on VMware Player How to disable SELinux How to set up a DHCP server using dnsmasq How to set up DHCP and NAT on Vyatta router
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References and citations are what make the scientific and academic worlds go round. Everyone has their own system for keeping track of their research, from dumping everything onto a desk, to dumping everything into a folder (I like to call this the Pensky Method), to dumping everything into folders on a computer.
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OpenMandriva Lx 2014 is the latest edition of OpenMandriva, a desktop Linux distribution derived from Mandriva Linux. It is one of the distributions that rose out of the ashes of Mandriva Linux.
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