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November 5, 2014

Here’s a question I was asked recently by an IT buddy: where do hackers live? Where are they from? Well, new studies and reports have been bubbling up over the last month or so, and although I don’t have a definitive answer, I can take a stab at answering his question.
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The Fedora 21 beta release is here, and – as usual – is packed with amazing improvements to Fedora, as well as fantastic free and open source software, gently harvested for your enjoyment. No bits were harmed in the making of this beta.
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eZeY 2014.09 is available. The main goal of eZeY is to provide IT students an easy Linux distro to learn and "play" with. Features: easy to use, made for IT students, kvm virt-manrager, unetbootin, fedora livecd-creator, XBMC, WPS Office, Steam, Skype and more.
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November 4, 2014

In today's open source roundup: Trisquel 7.0 LTS Belenos offers only free software. Plus: Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca coming in November with Cinnamon 2.4, and openSUSE 13.2 released.
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Security is a big concern for users of container technologies, but Ubuntu, with Docker and LXC, thinks it has a solution.
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K3b 2.0.3 has been released earlier today, bringing a number of bug fixes and improvements to this burning application. This is the first incremental release since 2011, after over three years in which everything was quiet regarding the development of K3b.
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Chris C. Kemp is the Chief Strategy Officer of Nebula, Inc., a leading cloud computing and IaaS provider which helps enterprises deploy and manage OpenStack-based private clouds. Previously to founding Nebula, Chris served as NASA[he]#039[/he]s first CTO where he cofounded the OpenStack project. His experience with both the public and private sector gives Chris unique insights into the present and future of OpenStack and cloud computing in general. Today he shares his those thoughts into a variety of topics ranging from public/private collaboration in open source; how CIOs can best leverage public, private, and hybrid clouds; and some of the ways cloud computing could eventually change the way we govern ourselves worldwide.
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Google’s Miško Hevery, co-inventor of the popular AngularJS framework, has announced a new project to improve JavaScript by adding type annotations and other features.
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This tutorial will describe yo how to upgrade gnome 3.12 to gnome 3.14 in Ubuntu GNOME 3.14. by default Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 utopic unicorn shipped with GNOME 3.12, but, Ubuntu GNOME user can install the latest GNOME 3.14 from PPA.
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Why someone would start a new open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project, is the question that people ask me again and again. If I had known what it takes, I might not have done it! But I did not know that in 2006 when I started to write my own ERP in Python and MySQL.I had just joined my family business (furniture manufacturing) and the company was reeling under a bad ERP implementation. It was a local vendor who was building it out on the .NET platform, and after sinking a reasonable sum of money into it, he was not able to get it right. At that point, my faith in the entire ERP industry was pretty low. Either they were too expensive or they were very more
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LAMP stack is a popular server-side software stack which is used to build and run dynamic web sites and web applications on Linux platforms. The LAMP stack is composed of Apache (as an HTTP server), MariaDB or MySQL (as a database backend), and PHP, Perl or Python (as a server-side programming language), and hence the […]Continue reading...The post How to install LAMP stack (Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and PHP) on CentOS appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to install LEMP stack (nginx, MariaDB/MySQL and PHP) on CentOS How to install and configure Cacti on Linux How to secure a LAMP server on CentOS or RHEL How to install LAMP server on Ubuntu How to run SQL queries against Apache log files on Linux
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We are not referred to as “The Linux Community” out of hand. Yes, we can be a loud community. We are often an argumentative community, coloring outside of the lines into larger reaches of the Internet. But we are a community nonetheless. We’re people like Alan Dacey, who stops what he’s doing to write a script to solve a vexing problem for Reglue. People like Clem Lefebvre, who’s devoted to creating a safe and fantastic Linux environment in which to work.
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Users of vector-based applications have long implemented a technique by importing a photograph and tracing over it in order to create a vector graphic. Inkscape is no different. If you feel unable to do freehand drawing, here's a technique for you!For the purpose of this demonstration, I’m using Inkscape for Linux Mint. This tutorial assumes that you have previously worked with Inkscape and know the basics for how to use more
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EPEL stands for ‘Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux‘ , as the name suggest epel provides additional rpm packages for RHEL , CentOS , Scientific Linux (SL) & Oracle Enterprise Linux (OLE) .
Categories: Linux News
Every time I write a Bash script or schedule a cron job, I worry about the day I'll star in my very own IT version of a Folger's commercial. Instead of "secretly replacing coffee with Folger's Instant Crystals", however, I worry I'll be replaced by an automation framework and a few crafty FOR loops. If you've ever had nightmares like that, you're in the right place. The truth is, the need for system administrators isn't going down—it's just that our job function is shifting a little. If you stay current, and resolve to be a lifelong learner, system administration is as incredible as it's always been. (And far better than instant coffee! Yuck!) This month, we focus on system administration. It keeps us all relevant, all informed and most important, we should all learn a little something along the way.
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If you think like a super-villain, laugh like an anti-hero, and can write code, it's time to polish off the cackle, sharpen up the brain, get extra coffee, and start working on your entry to the Underhanded C contest.
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Gizmo for You has gone to Indiegogo to ask for $600 for a modular, Linux based “Open Source Remote Control” for UAVs and other remote-controlled craft. Three years in the making, the Open Source Remote Control (OSRC) device is available in Indiegogo fixed-funding packages starting at 350 Euros ($600) for the basic version, or 1,250 Euros ($1,561) for an advanced version. The Linux-based OSRC device is designed to act as a hackable universal controller for all types of “drones, filming, UAV control and general RC.” It seems to be primarily aimed at high-end, hobbyist remote model airplanes.
Categories: Linux News
SEANux 1.0 is available for download. SEANux is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with a modified Gnome Shell interface, icons and GTK Theme. It is charged up with penetration testing tools and other useful applications for general purposes.
Categories: Linux News
Reports are circulating that a company plans to launch the UT One, a tablet running on an Intel x86 Atom processor and Canonical's Ubuntu Linux OS, by the end of 2014.
Categories: Linux News
In today's Android roundup: Android may have hit its maximum market share. Plus: Five Android 5.0 Lollipop apps that use Material Design, and the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare companion app released for Android.
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