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January 6, 2014

This article will tell you how to compile, setup and configure Squid proxy capable of filtering encrypted HTTPS connections using Diladele Web Safety ICAP content filtering server. Being able to look into HTTPS contents greatly increases your ability to control what is allowed and accepted within your network while keeping inappropriate contents away.
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With a bit of luck FreeBSD 10.0 will be released in the next few days so here's a look at the arguably ten best features of this next major BSD operating system release.
Categories: Linux News
Happy New Year to all Arch Linux fans! It's January and the Arch Linux developers prepared yet another updated ISO image of their powerful Arch Linux operating system, the first for 2014.
Categories: Linux News
Manage a team of ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Develop your own strategy and build your business well.
Categories: Linux News
In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Marble adds support for cyclestreets; KHelpcenter adds alphabetical sorting for modules; Akonadi speeds up appending new items; Plasma improves change wallpaper animation, etc.
Categories: Linux News
It looks like the first official Ubuntu Phone may have been outed this weekend just ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show this coming week.
Categories: Linux News
Information about the first official Ubuntu phone has been spotted on a Chinese website, making Meizu the first hardware partner for Canonical.
Categories: Linux News
Ubuntu 13.10 has been released for some while now but as I have spent time recently reviewing Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu it makes sense to complete the sense and look at the new features and changes in Ubuntu 13.10 as well. This review has a little bit on what is new and a full review of the features of Ubuntu.
Categories: Linux News
There's X.Org Server security vulnerabilities -- even for vulnerabilities going back two decades -- from time to time and in related components of the Linux graphics stack. Parts of the X.Org stack can be in fairly rough shape given the age of X11, but a very poor picture of it was painted at the Chaos Communication Congress. It was stated that the X.Org security is even worse than it looks...
Categories: Linux News
Acer may have unwittingly unveiled Linux's big break on the desktop.
Categories: Linux News
The Wine development release 1.7.10 is now available.
Categories: Linux News
Listening to Pandora Radio using a web browser is not the best way to enjoy the service. Improve the experience by using a desktop client instead of a Flash enabled web browser. The operators, Pandora Media, Inc, offer the Pandora One Desktop Application which lets listeners play music from the desktop without requiring a web browser. However, the desktop application is only available for Windows and Mac users who subscribe to Pandora One. Fortunately, there are some excellent Linux clients that allow you to enjoy the Pandora service without needing a web browser or subscription.
Categories: Linux News
The Zeigeist framework that is responsible for much of the logging responsibilities in the GNOME world and powers the GNOME Activity Journal is finally nearing version 1.0. The 1.0 milestone comes after landing a number of improvements recently and after nearly a half-decade of development work.
Categories: Linux News
[b]Just a while back[/b], we announced that I had an unusually good idea. I mean given the fact that most of my ideas can cause spontaneous fires and strange weather patterns it was good. So when I get a good idea, it's refreshing when no one reports any serious injuries.
Categories: Linux News
Paradox Interactive announced today that the Cities in Motion game franchise will be steaming ahead to Linux.
Categories: Linux News
Google Compute Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) executives will address Red Hat channel partners, seeking to shift customer workloads into their respective clouds.
Categories: Linux News

January 5, 2014

The Ozone-Wayland sub-project for Google Chromium support on the next-generation Linux display server continues to be pushed ahead with improved and new features by Intel open-source developers.
Categories: Linux News
In continuation from last month's Intel Haswell Linux Performance Improved A Lot In 2013, here are benchmarks of Intel "Ivy Bridge" HD Graphics 4000 when comparing the performance over the past year.
Categories: Linux News
Run Windows applications and games in Linux Mint 16.
Categories: Linux News
At OggCamp, the largest UK gathering of free software and open hardware community, 450 geeks met under the shadow of the Snowden revelations
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