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January 1, 2014

If you think your wireless router is only good enough to dish out IP addresses to devices around your house, you need to infuse new life into it with OpenWRT.
Categories: Linux News
I'm always amazed to hear about the death of the publishing industry.True, books and (gulp) magazines are often fighting for their lives,and the state of journalism is in tatters.
Categories: Linux News
The ROSA company presents a new update pack in the 'R' lineup — the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE. The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE is based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 code base. This LXDE edition meets all the criteria for being simple and beautiful - the simplicity of the GUI brings the maximum work speed. The desktop is based on the GTK+ 2 framework, but some of the components use the most recent GTK+ 3 and GNOME 3 updates.
Categories: Linux News
Here's how you can install the Linux Mint Driver Manager to your Ubuntu 13.10 computer. The Linux Mint Driver Manager offers an attractive alternative to Ubuntu's Additional Drivers.
Categories: Linux News
An Ubuntu developer has proposed 32-bit UEFI support within new Ubuntu Linux install images to support the new "Bay Trail" laptops and other hardware that requires 32-bit UEFI support.
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Peter McLarnan discovered that the internationalization component of Ruby on Rails does not properly encode parameters in generated HTML code, resulting in a cross-site scripting vulnerability. This update corrects the underlying vulnerability in the i18n gem, as provided by the ruby-i18n package.
Categories: Linux News
qBittorent is a free software alternative to utorrent. Here's how you can install it in Ubuntu 13.10.
Categories: Linux News
Can you guess what the biggest problem facing Windows is? It's probably not what you think it is.
Categories: Linux News
Phoronix Test Suite 5.0 "Plavsk" is making excellent progress and is set to premiere in H1'2014 with a brand new graphical user-interface and the latest feature to be added on is a WebSocket API for interfacing with Phoronix Test Suite clients to open up other new testing possibilities.
Categories: Linux News
Today in Open Source: The best Linux apps and games of 2013. Plus: ZaReason Zeto compact gaming PC review, and get a discount on the Debian Administrator's Handbook.
Categories: Linux News
The launch of the SteamOS 1.0 Beta and the continued Linux graphics improvements and new hardware were among the most exciting content on Phoronix for December 2013.
Categories: Linux News
Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Drupal, a fully-featured content management framework: vulnerabilities due to optimistic cross-site request forgery protection, insecure pseudo random number generation, code execution and incorrect security token validation.
Categories: Linux News
qBittorent is a free software alternative to utorrent. Here's how you can install it in Linux Mint 16.
Categories: Linux News
Python community, friends, fellow developers, we need to talk. On December 3rd, 2008 Python 3.0 was first released. At the time it was widely said that Python 3 adoption was going to be a long process, it was referred to as a five year process. We've just passed the five year mark.Over the past six months or so, I've been reconsidering this position, and excitement has given way to despair.
Categories: Linux News
What a year for open source and the community! We shared almost 600 stories on how the open source way is influencing our world. From business to government and from education to life, we collected inspiring stories, highlighted new projects, and shared how using an open source approach is a better way. These stories were all gathered from various open source communities and we thank you for sharing and contributing.
Categories: Linux News
Currently, three versions of SNMP are available: v1, v2c and v3. SNMPv3 adds some additional features, including authentication and encryption schemes (e.g., MD5, SHA, AES and DES). This makes SNMPv3 more secure and advisable while you run SNMP queries over the Internet. This tutorial describes how to configure SNMPv3 in Ubuntu, CentOS and Cisco hardware.
Categories: Linux News

December 31, 2013

The DarkTable open-source photography workflow software has seen a major update to end out 2013. Version 1.4 of DarkTable brings a host of new features...
Categories: Linux News
MakuluLinux 4.1 KDE was quietly released. MakuluLinux is a Debian-based distribution providing a sleek, smooth and stable user experience on any computer. It includes pre-installed multimedia codecs, device drivers and software for everyday use.
Categories: Linux News
Is Cisco Systems ready to battle the NSA over cloud and enterprise IT spying activities? An article in Der Spiegel provided details on how the National Security Agency (NSA) Tailored Access Operations (TAO) has exploited the weaknesses of IT products. Mentioned in the article is Cisco Systems, which is now "deeply concerned" about the impact on customers' networks.
Categories: Linux News
The Microlinux Enterprise Desktop project has undergone a major overhaul.
Categories: Linux News
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