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March 24, 2014

The Debian Project Leader elections 2014 are about to start, and one of the candidates talks about the possibility of getting official support for PPA for the Debian project, similar with the what's happening on the Ubuntu platform.
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BlackBerry may be in a world of hurt, but for now it still has one loyal and very famous customer: President Obama.
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Version 1.1 is now available of Red Hat Software Collections, Red Hat's open source suite of programming languages, databases and tools.
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Nmap is an open source port scanner for Linux® and many other platforms that can boost your system's security. This article discusses the basics of Nmap for system administrators and how to get started using it.
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JR wrote to us to share his open hardware project: pedalSHIELD. It's a great example of open hardware + open source software + open instructions and tutorials. Share your story with are a good number of nice programmable DIY guitar pedals out there. So, the pedalSHIELD is nothing new, except for the fact that I think we've strived harder than the rest to keep the project open, simple, supported, and affordable. The idea was to design a platform for Arduino users to learn about digital signal processing, effects, and synthesizers—also to experiment without a deep knowledge in electronics or programming.
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Today we are pleased to announce the beta 2 release of Black Lab Linux 5. This will be the last Beta for Black Lab Linux 5 until the final release. While it contains all the functionality that will be released in the gold release in May, right now we are working on stability. With that, lets go over what has changed with Black Lab Linux 5.
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OpenStack is an industry-standard open-source cloud management platform. Using OpenStack, one can build public, private or hybrid clouds easily. Due to the purely open nature of the platform, major IT vendors including Red Hat, Rackspace, IBM and HP are betting on its future, actively contributing to OpenStack development. In OpenStack, there are two different interfaces […]Continue reading...The post How to manage VMs with OpenStack command line tools appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to install OpenStack on multiple nodesHow to enable logging in OpenStack via devstackHow to change IP address after OpenStack installation via devstackHow to use KVM from the command line on Debian or UbuntuHow to access Dropbox from the command line in Linux
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Red Hat's new beta Red Hat Software Collections 1.1 brings the latest and greatest enterprise software to Red Hat Enterprise Linux developers.
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Are you new to Arduino? Open hardware like the Arduino Starter Pack from Adafruit is a great way to start tinkering with this small computer board. It is the ideal kit for beginners to open hardware or anyone looking to start a project using the Arduino microcontroller.To start, you need a computer from which you will write the code that will run in the Arduino board. This starter pack comes with an Arduino Uno board, which is likely the simplest. The typical programming cycle is to first write your code on the computer, then upload it to the Arduino board via a standard USB cable. The Arduino softwareis available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
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On Friday, March 14, the U.S. announced it’ll relinquish control of the Internet’s root zone file, which contains all information about top-level domain names. According to Ars Technica, the move came as a surprise, although the United States has promised for many years that eventually the system would be put in the hands of an international body.
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A little later than expected, but Ground Pounders the turn-based strategy game now has a Linux version on Steam.
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Chrome OS uses the Linux kernel, the same kernel which is being used by Android, Amazon Kindle, B&N’s Nook. Linux powers stock exchanges, NASA’s missions and a lot of other things that you may not have imagined. More or less Linux is like the plastic of the modern world – it’s everywhere.
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This is a review of openSUSE 13.1. It includes all the usual elements of a review including looking at the installation, the user interface, applications and package manager. There is also a look at what has changed since 12.3.
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Keurig's next generation of coffee machines will have a way to prevent any coffee not licensed by Keurig from brewing in the machine as early as this fall. Locking down a thing like coffee seems both trifling and difficult to accomplish—no one has yet described how Keurig can differentiate its own pods enough so that its machines would honor those pods and only those pods...To suss out the issue of coffee DRM, it makes sense to look at a relatively close analog product with its own rights management and interoperability issues—printer toner cartridges. Each printer company jealously guards its model of cartridges, doing everything it can to make them proprietary and unrefillable, because, of course, the real money in printing is in selling the ink at a very large profit.
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Israeli start-up Keepod believes it has a low-cost way to bring the billions living in poverty into the digital age. Keepod has developed a Linux-based operating system that can act as a portable hard drive by plugging it into the USB port of any recent PC...
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Just because old games have been freely available for years doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate it when someone does it properly...
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The top utility will require no introduction to experienced Linux users. It is a tiny utility that provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system, and is regarded as the standard tool for monitoring processes on a system. It helps with system administration by identifying users and processes that are hogging the system. It is also useful for non-system administrators, helping to track and kill errant processes. However, top is showing its age and there are a bunch of utilities that offer a more feature-laden alternative.
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March 23, 2014

Earlier this week, Ars reported on attacks exploiting an extremely critical vulnerability in the PHP scripting language almost two years after the bug came to light. By going 22 months without installing crucial patches, the responsible administrators were menacing the entire Internet.........Now comes word of a new mass compromise that preys on even more neglected Web severs, some running versions of the Linux operating system kernel first released in 2007...
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