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June 1, 2014

I got an interesting email from Michael A. Marks the technical director for Aspyr Media who built his own steambox and ran some OpenGL tests with interesting results.
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If there's one area of Linux that gets more scrutiny than any other, it's the desktop. From every corner, the haters and detractors abound. Nearly every publication that offers any focus on the Linux desktop at some point posts a piece about getting rid of the default Ubuntu desktop. Cinnamon is one of the primary replacement contenders.
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But all that aside, I’ve been using what I think is a similar service offered at It’s a very cool service. If the one that’s going to be built into Firefox will be anything like it, I don’t really mind waiting for it. And if you don’t mind waiting too, you may download and install Firefox Nightly
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May 31, 2014

Samsung continues to welcome new players into the Tizen family. Its June 2 dev conference may coincide with Tizen smartphone news.
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