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January 11, 2014

While Linus's Law says "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow", the GNOME project ended out 2013 with more than 46,000 open bugs. Here's some statistics out of the GNOME camp about the bugs and patch flow for 2013...
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It’s the first OEM Windows 8 machine that I’ve had access to, and so I attempted to set up a dual-boot system between Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 8. At the installation type step of the installation process, the Ubuntu installer failed to detect Windows 8 on the HDD, informing me that the “computer currently has no operating systems.” I knew that couldn’t be right, so I chose the Something else option.
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Open source news for your reading pleasure.January 6-10, 2014In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, you'll learn about some new partnerships that could lead to some new open source tech. Here's what we found:
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Offensive Security, the creator of the famous BackTrack Linux operating system, has announced that a new maintenance release for its Kali Linux distribution is now available for download.
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At CES, two full-featured Android smartwatches with 3G telephony strutted their stuff: the $335 Neptune Pine and the $249 to $299 Omate TrueSmart. None of the high profile smartwatch launches expected in 2014 appeared at CES this year, but as we await rumored wristwear from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others, there were plenty of […]
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January 10, 2014

Google Play store comes to BB10. Here's how...Hands On BlackBerry's comeback with a new operating system, BB10, turned into one of the greatest tech flops of all time. Almost one year after the launch, BlackBerry still sells far more of its ancient BB7 devices than it does BB10 devices. But could you turn BlackBerry’s misfortune to your advantage?…
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The following tutorial will teach existing Arch Linux users how to install replace the GRUB boot loader in their operating systems with Syslinux, which offers a simple, fast and more modern boot loader.
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In recent years, open source software projects, and, separately, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) products have begun to significantly disrupt traditional technology vendor business models in government, making it easier and cheaper for governments to procure and implement the software solutions they need.Now, OpenSaaS—SaaS based on open source code—is poised to accelerate this trend.
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Three syscalls are used to create Linux namespaces, unshare(), clone() and setns(). In this article I will take a look at unshare() and show how to use it directly in your scripts and programs without going through LXC or any other higher level virtualization tool.
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AssaultCube is a free, open-source shooter based on the Cube engine and taking place in realistic environments. It includes single and multi-player, as well as various modes which can be played over a wide range of maps. The game is very lightweight and runs well on old hardware.
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ChromiumOS is a lightweight, lightning-fast operating system from Google for your netbook, laptop or even desktop.
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Next week is the first-ever Youth in Open Source Week at!We are excited to offer you a solid week of content focused on how kids and teens are using open source today.Youth in Open Source Week will run from January 13 - 17. This page will be populated daily with each new article, so check back here for updates and to see the full list of articles. 
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Korora, a Fedora Remix distribution with tweaks and extras to make the system “just work” out of the box, which aims to provide a complete and easy-to-use system for general computing, is now at version 20.
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The Apache CloudStack project is pleased to announce the 4.2.1 release of the CloudStack cloud orchestration platform. This is a minor release of the 4.2.0 branch which released on Oct 1, 2013. The 4.2.1 release contains more than 150 bug fixes. As a bug fix release, no new features are included in 4.2.1.
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What’s the best Linux media player? We find out the best way to organise and play your music library by testing out the top four music players available
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Today in Open Source: Linux powers an AR-15 rifle. Plus: How to dual boot Ubuntu Touch and Android, and why Valve picked Debian instead of Ubuntu.
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The Allwinner A10 ARM SoC is now supported by Coreboot along with the A10-based Cubieboard...
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So zombie killing fans of Killing Floor may be a little excited now as Killing Floor 2 was leaked by Steam!
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A compromise of the community forums for the openSUSE Linux distribution Tuesday sparked concern that hackers have access to a previously unknown exploit for the popular vBulletin Internet forum software.
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With development dragging on for the Linux 3.13 kernel until the middle of January, here's a recap of some of the most important changes that landed into Linux 3.13 that either provided new features, performance improvements, or are worth noting for one reason or another. There's also a rundown of all the Linux kernel benchmarks we've done on this new kernel to date.
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