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May 9, 2014

Installing Nginx With PHP5 (And PHP-FPM) And MySQL Support (LEMP) On Ubuntu 14.04 LTSNginx (pronounced "engine x") is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server. Nginx is known for its stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. This tutorial shows how you can install Nginx on an Ubuntu 14.04 server with PHP5 support (through PHP-FPM) and MySQL support (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced "engine x") + MySQL + PHP) .
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That something does what it's supposed to is usually the baseline for evaluating public policy. It's certainly what I expected to find as I researched my (shameless self-promotion alert) just-published book, Copyfight: The global politics of digital copyright reform. I'm an economist and political scientist by training, and also spent six years as an economist with the Parliamentary Information and Research Service, the Canadian equivalent of the Congressional Research Service. Coming cold to the wonderful, wooly world of copyright, I expected that such a long-lived institution would be grounded at least partly in empirical evidence that it, you know, actually promotes the creation and dissemination of music, books and so on.
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It is with pleasure that I announce the release of GoboLinux 015 - the alternative Linux distribution. After a hiatus of 6 years, we have returned with an updated set of packages and some infrastructure changes that have come for the better. Some of the major points of this release are: migration from the /System/Links hierarchy to /System/Index; embracing 'root as super user name - that should make recipes more simple to write and soften the task of preparing new releases; live USB support off the shelf; adoption of Enlightenment as the desktop environment for the first time.
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I have a love/hate relationship with Waze. The idea of peer collaboration regarding traffic, combined with the technology to accomplish it on an enormous scale is truly amazing. Yet, every time I've used Waze myself, it's been an exercise in frustration. It has insisted I turn left off a bridge, and then it refused to reroute me when I didn't.
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Thought the peanut butter sandwich patent was a joke? That one doesn't even register a chuckle compared to a patent recently granted to The e-commerce giant now can claim a legal monopoly on the process of photographing people and things against a white backdrop.The patent, issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, is making some folks in the photography community do a double-take. Amazon’s patent, called Studio Arrangement, details a specific arrangement of elements in a photography studio that the company believes helps foster the production of the most aesthetically pleasing images.
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I don't look on the OpenBSD Misc mailing list very often, but today a message from that list introduced me to Neomailbox, which offers services that include secure, encrypted e-mail and anonymous web surfing for prices that are very reasonable.
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We speculated on it recently and its's pleasing to see that we were right. The new Unreal Tournament is real and it's coming to Linux. It will be using their latest engine thankfully, so the Linux support should be in good shape by the time it's playable.
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Version 0.11 of Docker, the open source container-based virtualization platform, is now available, bringing with it networking and security updates.
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VIDEO: Martin Casado, Networking CTO at VMware, explains how the new OpenStack project will open up app, storage and networking policy.
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Also inside we have tutorials for building Android apps with Kivy, analysing code and creating your own CCTV system along with a report from our very first Raspberry Jam
Categories: Linux News
I’ve been waiting for this: Hashover is a free-software project that aims to replace hosted-comments services like Disqus and those offered by Facebook and others that keep your comments in their database.
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Most of us encounter parts of our workday where we must write or document something. Whether for building out the plan of a project, for the documentation of a project, or for the creation of the project itself, like an article or blog post, writing is a part of many of our daily lives regardless of industry or field. Open source tools can be used to get writing done, and freely available resources can be used to supplement and enhance that work. As a content manager here at, there are seven[he]nbsp[/he]open source tools and resources that I use everyday.
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Remember when we got confirmation for you that Unreal Engine will have all the tools native on Linux? Well their roadmap is now public and it's on it.
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May 8, 2014

In our recent survey on free and open source software in the UK education sectors, we asked colleges and universities for their main reasons for not selecting an open source solution according to 12 criteria. Below you can see how important each of the criteria were rated for software running on servers..
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Together with, the Linux Foundation’s community website, we have set up a survey on SurveyMonkey with 32 open spec single-board computers. Pick your favorite three boards and answer a few questions about what you’re looking for in an open, hacker SBC and enter the optional drawing for a chance to win cool Tux, embedded Linux, and Android gear. Five randomly selected winners will receive a T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, mug, or USB drive.
Categories: Linux News
Ubuntu Privacy Remix, a distribution that aims to provide an isolated working environment where sensitive data can be dealt with safely, is now at version 12.04r1.
Categories: Linux News
In today's open source roundup: Does Linux have enough distros and desktop environments? Plus: Pear OS lives on, and open source licensing choices really do matter.
Categories: Linux News
Mozilla recently appealed to the FCC regarding Net Neutrality, but should the non-profit try something different? Is there a better way?
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I knew Tripwire weren't stupid! Killing Floor 2 was a given when you look at how popular it is, it needs a refresh and I am glad to say it will be on Linux.
Categories: Linux News
The UPR team has published the first stable release of Ubuntu Privacy Remix 12.04r1 (code name 'Protected Pangolin'). UPR is a live system to protect from spying and data theft. The new release will be presented at LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin. UPR 12.04r1 is designed to boot on newer machines with UEFI + SecureBoot and it supports lots of new hardware, but keeps running even on old machines by using the traditional and lightweight GNOME Classic desktop environment. The goal of Ubuntu Privacy Remix is to provide an isolated working environment where sensitive data can be dealt with safely.
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