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June 6, 2014

Qnap unveiled a Linux-based, SOHO-focused “TS-X51 Turbo NAS” device with 2-8 HDD bays, plus private cloud sharing, video transcoding, and virtualization. Before the current era of open source SBCs, embedded hackers often sought out Linux-based network attached storage (NAS) devices to build customized server devices. Despite the fact that the vast majority of NAS devices […]
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Many individuals may want to contribute to Linux or some open-source software project. However, many people may not be sure where to start or how to help. Others may not know computer programming and feel that there is no way they can contribute. Well, guess what? There are many ways anyone can contribute to Linux directly or some open-source software (OSS).
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The Free Software Foundation has released a guide to encrypting email to mark one year since the disclosures of NSA blanket surveillance by analyst Edward Snowden.
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Six months after the release of the first version, we are pleased to announce the release of Tango Studio version 2.2. This new version has been updated to Wheezy 7.5 and it contains some new features and bug fixes, as well as an update of the best open-source applications available for sound creation. Users of 2.1-rc1 do not need to re-install, the distribution can be updated via Synaptic or apt-get.
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A newly discovered vulnerability that allows spying on encrypted SSL/TLS communications has been identified and fixed in the widely used OpenSSL library.
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That is one heck of a milestone isn't it? 500 Linux compatible games are now on Steam which is a pretty great number to point anyone at.
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AMD announced six new Embedded G-Series SoCs, featuring improved performance-per-Watt, on-chip security processors, and Mentor Embedded Linux support. Following up on last month’s announcement of a new “Bald Eagle” generation of R-Series processors for high-end, multimedia-focused embedded processors, AMD unveiled new Embedded G-Series SoCs and APUs called “Steppe Eagle” and “Crowned Eagle,” respectively. These new, more power-efficient embedded processors are pin compatible with earlier models, which are still available.
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That made me realize that just by installing three extensions, I can get the GNOME 3 desktop with a default GNOME Shell to look just like GNOME Classic. Just three extensions.
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Mark Shuttleworth said on a number of occasions that the first Ubuntu-powered smartphones should arrive this autumn, but the developers are not yet ready to provide a stable version that can ship so soon. They are now considering building a separate branch of Ubuntu Touch that will get RTM status and that will be focused on stability and bug fixes.
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It's been six years since I first heard the term "cloud computing" and some of the base concerns I heard in that first session still remain. You would think we would have changed the conversation after all this time, but I'm still hearing the same old arguments, and it's time to change the focus.
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Oculus Rift users—and those still holding out for a Valve VR rig—are in luck. The VR mode for the Linux version of the game is out of beta, so an even better Half-Life 2 virtual experience is waiting. For a full list of changes, check out GamingOnLinux.
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In today's open source roundup: Microsoft may or may not have a new attitude toward open source. Plus: Android versus Windows, and Cinnamon versus Unity in Ubuntu 14.04.
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Users of MapR's Hadoop distribution have a new officially supported extract/transform/load (ETL) solution. Through a partnership with Syncsort, enterprises can use the latter's ETL software to offload data into MapR's Hadoop Big Data platform.
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Kaltura Connect is all about online video. From June 13-18 in New York City, 1,000+ attendees including developers, experts, thoughts leaders and executives from small businesses to global enterprises, universities, and educational organizations will gather to join insightful sessions, workshops, round-tables, and parties about new products and a wide range of topics. Topics include OTT TV, video-based sales and marketing, video-powered learning and training, creating social and personalized experiences with video, the use of video by large cloud vendors, air droids and more.
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This tutorial will describe how to install mate desktop environment version 1.8 in ubuntu 14.04 LTS. As we know, MATE Desktop Environment is the continuation of GNOME 2. It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.
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SparkyLinux 3.4 'Annagerman' LXDE, Razor-qt and Enlightenment 18 is out. The new ISO images of SparkyLinux 3.4 provide tons of updates, changes and system improvements, such as: Linux kernel 3.14; all packages upgraded from Debian's 'testing' repositories as of 2014-05-31; LXDE 0.5.5; Openbox 3.5.2; Razor-qt 0.5.2; Enlightenment has been updated up to version 18 (0.18.2/0.18.5); support for installation on machines with EFI; systemd is the default init system now; Sparky Center – our system control center for LXDE desktop has been rebuilt, added tabs for every option and upgraded to version 0.2.1.
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June 5, 2014

There[he]#039[/he]s no such thing as "just a Linux sysadmin," which is what makes Linux professionals so incredibly valuable. We[he]#039[/he]ve all been hearing that the demand for Linux professionals is "at its highest ever!!!" for years. In recent years, though, it hasn[he]#039[/he]t just been Linux nuts like me saying it. You may reference the 2014 Linux Jobs Report by The Linux Foundation and assume they[he]#039[/he]re biased, but a quick search over at shows that the demand for Linux professionals is a real thing.
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One of the key benefits of Kali Linux is that it assembles in one place many tools that security researchers need. Tools for information gathering, vulnerability analysis, Web applications, password attacks, stress testing and even hardware hacking are all included. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the features of the Kali Linux 1.0.7 release.
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If you’re anything like us – and dear Lord we hope you are not – you sometimes sit staring at your Raspberry Pi, willing it to do more. Unfortunately our mental prowess is not powerful enough to materialise extra features or tweak the performance of the ARM chip, so we instead turned to the internet and looked for ways to upgrade our Pi.
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Slide decks from seven talks by the staff of Embedded Linux training specialist Free Electrons at Embedded Linux Conference 2014 are now available for free download. The talks cover a wide range of challenges and issues associated with porting Linux or Android to new embedded hardware platforms and SoCs. Topics include overviews of Buildroot, Yocto, and the Device Tree; discussions of issues such as SMP support and boot-time reduction; and an example of supporting a new ARM-based SoC from Allwinner.
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